I’m looking forward to reading Leap, based on what I’ve read so far at the Blog of Tim Ferriss.  According to Leap, Bill Gates and many other seemingly crazy entrepreneurs didn’t really risk much at all when they started their companies.  They took calculated risks and leveraged opportunities while simultaneously working their arses off.  I never new that Mary Gates (Bill’s mom) was connected to IBM through her relationship to other execs while sitting as committee chair on the board of national committee for the United Way.  Bill Gates was not taking much of a leap when he dropped out of Harvard to start MS.  The stars were already aligned.

This passage is similar to the descriptions of Gates (in his early years)  from Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, one of my all time favorite books.

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2 thoughts on “Leap

  1. We do not own it and it might bore you — lots of discussion about economics, money, and statistics. You would like the stuff about parenting, though.

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